• Gas lighters KOST

    All of our lighters are tested and certified according to PN-EN ISO9994 and PN-EN 13869:2006
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  • Gas lighters ROCK

    Ergonomic handle and modern design – that's what our products stand out
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  • Master Glue

    Cyanoacrylate adhesive fluid permanently connects different surfaces. Dries quickly in a room temperature.
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  • Ecobags

    Durable, reusable bags with reinforced ears, ideal for everyday shopping
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  • Accessories

    Efficient fluid gas for filling lighters, practical BBQ lighters, haircare products, comfortable cigarette cases
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  • Comfortable cigarette cases

    Trendy cigarette silicone cases, durable and good looking
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  • MR DICK condoms

    Well-fitting shapes and of course 100% electronically tested. All these make our condoms unique and sexy.
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BBQ KOST round

  • zapok1a


ignition:     piezoelectric
color:        5 color mix

Packing: 16 pcs / inner box,
12 inner boxes in carton (192 pcs)

BBQ lighter antenka

  • zapan1a


ignition: piezoelectric
color: 5 color mix

Packing: 25 pcs / inner box
24 inner boxes / carton (600 pcs)

BBQ lighter folding

  • skladana1


ignition:  piezoelectric
color:     5 color mix
Packing: 20 pcs / inner box
24 inner boxes / carton (480 pcs)

BBQ piezo lighter long

  • zapdl1a


BBQ piezo lighter ZG1 available in solid mix version

Inner box: 12 pcs / tray
20 trays in a carton (240 pcs)

BBQ lighter short

  • krotka1


ignition:     piezoelectric
color:     5 color mix
packing: 20 pcs / inner box
24 inner boxes / carton (480 pcs)