All of our lighters are tested and certified according to PN-EN ISO9994 and PN-EN 13869:2006
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  • New brand ROCK

    Attractive design and colors – this is how we make our new brand ROCK more competitive
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  • Master Glue

    Cyanoacrylate adhesive fluid permanently connects different surfaces. Dries quickly in a room temperature.
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  • SHARK shavers

    Three blades, moving head, rubber handle and moistening strip – this is what makes our shavers well known on a market
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  • KOST accessories

    Efficient fluid gas for filling lighters, practical BBQ lighters, many new lighter models and more…
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  • New products !!!

    Gradually we enlarge our offer. Every month we offer new models of lighters, new sticker designs, some new products and we always try to make our offer more and more competitive.
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  • MR DICK condoms

    Very attractive design, well-fitting shapes and of course 100% electronically tested. All these make our condoms unique and sexy.
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Wide offer of piezo, windproof and disposable lighters.



Cyanoacrylate adhesive fluid has a wide appliance to gently connect plastic, ceramic, leather and other materials at home and office.



Gas for filling lighters, BBQ lighters and many others. Excellent quality and competitive prices.


Welcome to KOST

KOST Sp.J. (formerly KOST S.C.) has been established in June 2003.
Basic activity of our company is import and distribution of gas lighters, adhesive fluids, shavers, condoms and other products of daily use.

We offer a wide range of products, competitive prices and promotions adjusted to every single client needs. We systematicaly introduce new products to the market requirements.

We invite you to cooperation!